Paralyze Idea is fully saturated in the Korean scene being the Director of Music for Club Arena(Seoul), Club Bound(Seoul), Lounge The VIEW(Seoul) and JJ Mahoney's at the Grand Hyatt(Seoul). Also he is resident dj of Club Octagon(DJMAG no.5).

Along with these positions, he is also well renown to be the owner of Better Idea Records and one of the directors of KASIA Music Group.

Throughout Paralyze Idea's career, not only has he played at all the famous clubs in Korea, but also has toured around countries such as America, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

Paralyze Idea's producing carrier has had many spotlight moments. He has released tracks on labels such as Toolroom, Starlight, Phunk Traxx, Club Session, Peakhour Music and has even collaborated with artists such as David Jones, Beltek, Phunk Investigation. With phenomenal results (charting several times on Beatport TOP 100),

Paralyze Idea has managed to get support from Dannic, Bob Sinclar, Federic Scavo, Robie Reivera, Stonebridge, Nari&Milani, and got his tracks to be featured on england's Ministry of Sound and Hedkand's primetime radio shows.

One of Paralyze Idea's biggest achievements was getting first place in one of the competitions Toolroom Records held in 2014. This lead him to be a part of one of the label's album which again, charted in the Top 100s.

He work collaboration with Groovebox and this track was released on Toolroom’s Rhythm Distrikt. And released again on Miami Compilation album of Toolroom Records. 


Club Volume | 2008

Seoul, S.Korea

Club VIA | 2008

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Demo | 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

TOUR | Club Levels | 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

Club Heaven | 2009

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Underlounge | 2009

Osaka, Japan

TOUR | Club Flix | 2010

Bangkok, Thailand

Club Hive | 2012

Busan, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Levels, Route66, Safe House | 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

Club Ellui | 2013

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Echo | 2013

Vientiane, Laos

Luv Superlounge | 2013

Seoul, S.Korea

World DJ Festival 2014 | 2014

Seoul, S.Korea

Club Arena | 2014~ | Main Director

Seoul, S.Korea

World DJ Festival 2015 | 2015

Seoul, S.Korea

Club Bound | 2015~ | Main Director

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Circle | 2016

Newyork, USA

TOUR | Club Prive | 2016

Vancouver, Canada

TOUR | Club Bound | 2016

Los Angeles, USA

TOUR | Club Origin | 2016

San Fransisco, USA

Lounge The View | 2016 | Main Director

Seoul, S.Korea

JJ Mahoneys of Hyatt Hotel Seoul | 2016~ | Main Director

Seoul, S.Korea

World DJ Festival 2016 | 2016

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Omni | 2016

Taipei, Taiwan

Spectrum Music Festival 2016 | 2016

Seoul, S.Korea

Rooftop Lounge Laputa | 2017~ | Main Director

Seoul, S.Korea

Club Octagon | 2017~ 

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club Cat's | 2017

Fukuoka, Japan

TOUR | Club SOS | 2017

Hangzhou, China

TOUR | Club Pacha  | 2017


Sounce Parade Festival | 2017

Seoul, S.Korea

TOUR | Club M2 | 2017

Shanghai, China

TOUR | Club Pacha  | 2017


TOUR | Club Atom  | 2017

Tokyo, Japan

TOUR | Club Ibiza  | 2017

Fukuoka, Japan

TOUR | Club Epica  | 2018

Okinawa, Japan

Club Arena Seoul | Main Director

Club Bound Seoul | Main Director

JJ Mahoneys of Hyatt Seoul | Main Director

Looftop Laputa Seoul | Main Director

Club Jungle Seoul | Main Director

Better Idea Records | Owner

Club Octagon | DJ

2010 - present
2010 - present
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